While serving in the US Army, Metropolitan Museum of Art curator James Rorimer supervises American GIs carrying paintings down the steps of the Neuschwanstein Castle in southern Germany in May of 1945. —National Archives, provided by the Monuments Men Foundation for the Preservation of Art, Dallas

Robert Wagemann, a physically disabled Jehovah’s Witness child, sits on his hospital bed in Berlin, circa 1942–43. —US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Robert Wagemann

German officials and Ukrainian militia shooting a Jewish family, Miropol, Ukraine, October 13, 1941. —Security Services Archive, Historical Collection of the State Security Service (StB) Prague, archival no. H-770–3

Staff at the Jewish-owned Leopold Seligman company in Hausvogteiplatz, Berlin, 1933. —Archive Westphal

This photo, part of a 54-foot tower in the Museum featuring images from one town, shows a boy named Yankele (right) with his two cousins, Shifrale (center) and her brother Motele, in March 1938. —US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of the Shtetl Foundation
A boy from Germany reads a comic book at a school for refugee children in New York, 1942. —Library of Congress, Marjory Collins

(Left) Portrait of Willem Arondeus, the leader of a gay resistance group in Amsterdam. —US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Marco Entrop; (Right) Portrait of Frieda Belinfante after her return to the Netherlands from a refugee camp in Switzerland. —US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Frieda Belinfante
Children aboard the President Harding pull into New York harbor in 1939. They were brought to the United States by Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus with the help of American diplomat Raymond Geist, who secured visas for hundreds of unaccompanied children. —US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Steven Pressman
Two portraits of Fritzi Geiringer, by her husband, Erich, and a landscape by their son, Heinz.

Otto Perl, who was dismissed from the Austrian Army in 1938 because he was Jewish, later immigrated to America. This photo shows his US Army unit at Camp Ritchie, Maryland, circa 1945. — US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Otto Perl

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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